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Sangari Engineering Services (Romania) Ltd. was founded in 1997 by COMPET LTD (Consortium of Manufacturers Producing Educational and Technological Equipment) with headquarters in Cambridge, UK, as part of an international network. Sangari International Group develops for 42 years solutions for improving education in the world trough science. Created in England in 1965, the group is present in 15 countries: South Africa, Egypt, Spain, United States, Brazil, Greece, England, Iran, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Mozambique, Namibia, Pakistan and Kazakhstan, beeing focused only in the educational and research sector.

Sangari Engineering Services (Romania) Ltd. is the company with the largest seniority in this area on the Romanian market, and was the first private entity that took the initiative of a national project for the endowment of higher education with research equipment (RUMP: "Romanian Universities Modernization Project") approved by Government decision in the meeting of 21 December 2000.

We understood from the very beginning the importance of research in the long term development of countries, as well as the amazing potential is that this area, especially in Romania. Sangari understands to provide long term support and assistance.



Our policy is to meet and even exceed customer expectations and requirements. We want to become national leaders in the design, production and marketing area of education and research equipment.

For this, we have established a strategy of continuously growth of our products quality and services that are based on the following principles:

„Customer Focus“ - by knowing and fully comply with the requirements and expectations
“Continuous Improvement" - the quality of our services
"Involvement of the staff" - trough organization, training and motivation

Quality objectives are established annually by the company and communicated for knowledge and achievement to all functions involved. The achievement of the objectives is periodically analyzed and resources and actions necessary to achieve them are established.

To achieve these objectives we have implemented and continuously improved a quality management system in accordance with standard SR EN ISO 9001:2008.

Management system and achieving quality objectives are monitored by independent internal audits and reviewed periodically by the top management of the company to ensure the principles adopted, the effectiveness and continuous improvement of quality of our services.

Allocation of resources, planning, controling, assurance and continuous improvement of quality and performance are elements of the management which the company intends to use with the support and participation of the whole staff.

As Administrator of the company I wish to express my commitment to achieve the policy and objectives according quality and require the hole staff to act for compliance with these principles and the delivery of products and services to the highest standards of quality.


Liviu Stroia