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Cussons Technology was founded towards the end of the nineteenth century. An organisation which today has a proven history of successful operations as a manufacturer and supplier of equipment used for engineering teaching, research and product test applications. Product development, project business development and a major acquisition has produced substantial growth and growth potential in recent years. The latest major project to be completed is the design and equipping of an engine and emissions research facility at a cost of £15 Million for the Government of Indonesia. Other major clients include the U.K. Ministry of Defence for facilities related to engine and gearbox proving following repair, Petroleum Authority of Thailand for engine test beds related to oil product development and most of the high technology teaching and training establishment worldwide for a wide range of laboratory teaching equipment. The acquisition in 1997 by Cussons of the previously German based Kempf and Remmers Marine Hydrodynamic research business has opened up a new area of activity. Production of dynamometers and other equipment used in the field of hydrodynamic research and the design and installation of complete towing carriages and cavitation tunnels is now fully integrated into the business and growing rapidly. Instrumentation and modern control of existing facilities is becoming a major activity for Cussons.